Frucor Suntory introduces equal paid parental leave

Frucor Suntory introduced equal paid parental leave (PPL) as the first initiative in its focus on advancing diversity and inclusion within the organisation.

Since its introduction, more than 30 new parents have taken advantage of the policy, giving them extra time with their new babies.

The new equal PPL offers all eligible employees 13 weeks on top of their statutory parental leave entitlements, eliminating the gendered terms of ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ carer.

Frucor Suntory CEO, Darren Fullerton (pictured) says the new policy is a fresh and progressive approach that celebrates a moment in life that really matters.

“A large portion of our workforce have families or are planning for them, so it made sense to rethink the impact of supporting our people who are ‘working parents’.

“As any parent will tell you, starting or growing a family is a significant moment that matters. Now, both parents can embrace the new challenge of parenthood with the support of an equal-gender policy.

“I believe this is an important step towards more gender-equality in the workplace, and in the home.”

Frucor Suntory’s new policy includes paid ‘keep in touch’ and transition back to work days, plus a commitment to offer ongoing flexible working arrangements to support its people as they adjust to becoming either a working parent or to the new addition they have in their family.

The company currently employs 1,000 people across Australia and New Zealand. Since 2009 Frucor Suntory has been wholly owned by leading Japanese beverage and food company Suntory Group.

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