Fuel contamination, are you covered?

Fuel contamination

Written by Dan Armes, founder of ServoPro.

Even the most diligent of operators can experience their fuel becoming contaminated which can happen for a variety of reasons.

In cases where fuel retailers have sold contaminated fuel the cost of repairing damaged vehicles has run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars not to mention the impact on the business’s reputation.

Petrol station operators would know that when a vehicle owner experiences issues with their vehicle running poorly the last place they purchased fuel is often at the top of the list for who to blame.

Another key area is around environmental contamination, although most standard policies exclude this, there are specialist insurance providers who will provide cover against this. Check your lease agreement and ensure you are not liable for environmental impact and if you are, get a quote on environmental insurance from your broker.

ServoPro’s partner for insurance, Sudale Insurance Brokers, are often required to give advice around fuel contamination issues, whether the operator is at fault or not.

It is important to check your insurance policy or speak with an insurance broker to make sure you are covered. Most standard business insurance policies do not come with this type of cover as it is industry specific.

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