FUNDAY Natural Sweets awarded C&I Choice Product of the Year

After much deliberation, innovative lolly company FUNDAY Natural Sweets has been named this year’s C&I Choice Product of the Year.

With so many fantastic products that could be crowned the winner, it’s a testament to FUNDAY Natural Sweets’ ability to deliver a range of lollies that contains no added sugar and no sugar alcohols, yet still achieves a delicious flavour.

The range currently includes red frogs, vegan gummy bears, sour peach hearts, and gummy snakes, all with up to 91 per cent less sugar than their traditional counterparts and full of prebiotic fibre.

Daniel Kitay, Founder of FUNDAY Natural Sweets, said the entire team was incredibly excited by the news of being named the 2022 C&I Choice Product of the Year, and reinforced that the company is on the right track.

“To be named C&I Choice Product of the Year is a huge deal for a young company (less than two years old) and I think it’s a fantastic representation of the amount of hard work we all put in each day to make sure we have the best products in the market and accessible to our current and potential consumers.

“We continue to engage with our customers and ensure we are hitting the mark and being led by the market each and every step of the way.”

The past 18 months have seen the company make a meteoric rise, with the range now stocked in more than 3,000 stores, including Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, and Ampol Foodary in Australia and New Zealand.

“As the leader in better-for-you candy in the market it was fantastic to secure a nationwide deal with Ampol early this year. Not only did we recently get the runner up in the Emerging Supplier of the Year Award (Medium) and Sustainability Award runner up (Medium), but through the power of our innovative product and wonderful brand, we have been successful in attracting new faces into the confectionery category who have typically avoided the confectionery aisle.

“It’s been a huge win for both Ampol Foodary and us and the team is excited for our plans with Ampol for 2023.”

Kitay said it has been hugely rewarding to see FUNDAY thrive in the notoriously competitive and tough P&C confectionery channel.

“Through our innovation pipeline, reinvestment into brand, direct to consumer connections and strong community we are so glad to be able to support our retailers throughout launch and beyond.”

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