Gallagher update – Innovation is in our DNA

But what is important in the industry now is a far cry from the much simpler “early years”. The era we live in now has a faster pace with a much higher population resulting in a lot less space, especially in the more highly populated city areas. In fact the use of forecourt space on a service station is a real consideration when it comes to planning the layout and how it will operate. An efficient and streamlined site operation will maximize the use of every inch of the forecourt.

Time is also a huge consideration and very relevant to forecourt space. In this business a quickly gratified customer is not only a happy customer, but one that creates room for the next. A smart operator knows this all leads to a higher and more profitable turnover. With this in mind, Gallagher Fuel Systems is proud to announce the newest PULSE innovations.

The five-product dispenser, LS10D , is a nested 10-hose dispenser. The soon to be released inline 10-hose pump/dispenser has the ability to mix stack modules: For example, it is possible to have two pump stacks and three dispenser stacks in the one solution.  As well as maximizing forecourt space, having the choice of pumping or dispensing fuel in a single dispenser enables the site owner to better utilize existing underground storage tanks. This is a key advantage with new and more stringent legislation regarding the upgrade of underground fuel storage assets.

The integrated ‘Diesel and Diesel’ option continues to expand with the latest models carrying a dual Ultra diesel option.  For example, the CX6B has a choice of two Ultra-flow diesel types (standard diesel and Premium diesel) with flow rate control, while simultaneously delivering DEF from the same dispenser.  The effective use of flow rate controls, product selection, and the diesel and DEF delivering at the same time, is an innovative solution that speeds up transaction time for the customer .  It also provides an immediate financial benefit for the site owner who is able to purchase a single dispenser, where two or three dispenser were required in the past. A new stack for the DEF solution allows for using presets, which gives the customer the ability to a set volume to be dispensed.

The ability to manage business operations while on the move is an expectation that has become the norm in modern times, even in the Oil Industry. The new Gallagher Data Centre achieves this by providing a cloud based communication platform from the PULSE dispensers directly to service providers and site staff with access. Data Centre will revolutionize the way ASPs operate as well as provide mobile business transparency for the site owner delivering real time information to your PC, tablet or smartphone. Data Centre has been running successfully on selected service stations with the official Beta test date set for May 2017.

With a huge focus on environment and work safe practices Gallagher Fuel Systems Vapour Recovery Solutions continue to evolve as the demand increases. The Australasian market was previously driven by legislation and compliance, however increasingly we are seeing service stations implement Gallagher Vapour Recovery solutions on their forecourt by choice because of the health benefits it brings their community and the workplace.

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