Get Smart at the POPAI 2015 Shopper Summit

POPAI_ANZ_logoPOPAI will host its 2015 Shopper Summit & Masterclasses on Tuesday 8th September, 2015 at Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, Pyrmont in Sydney.

Join a host of speakers from Target USA, POPAI Global, Harris Farm, Red Planet (Qantas Loyalty), Brown-Forman and more, sharing the secrets of retailers and brands that are winning with shoppers through smart, differentiated strategies.

POPAI said that the Summit offers first-hand case studies of what makes the difference between success with shoppers and… “missed it by that much”.

The Summit will include ‘Secrets of the Retailers and Brands’ that are winning with shoppers in a market that’s tougher than ever, such as:

  • Who is unlocking the power of integration between online and bricks and mortar retail?
  • Who is harnessing insights for real-world results with savvy shoppers?
  • Who is outsmarting the ‘race to the bottom’ in retail to deliver value to shoppers beyond price?
  • Who is driving growth through innovation and trying new things?
  • Who is punching above their weight with shoppers through smart, differentiated strategies?

POPAI will host series of industry best practice masterclasses aimed at driving ultimate shopping experiences. These practical workshops will share real-world case studies and how-to’s to build your toolbox for smart shopper programs, delivered by the best in the industry.

The 2015 Shopper Summit runs from 8:30am – 5:00 pm at Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009.

The cost is $495 for members & $895 for non-members (ex-gst). For more information, look up the POPAI website:

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