Get your pre-orders in to capture the breath of the dragon

And, following its searing success in the US, it has arrived in Australia and sold out within weeks. But great news, more stock is on its way and now is the time to get your pre-orders in to be guaranteed stock in the new year. This masterpiece is the only dual flame lighter ever created and the metallic dragon blueprint just takes things to a whole new level.

One press of the switch button ignites the blue jet flame that works at any angle and once the switch is released, magic happens. The soft open flame comes direct from the dragon’s mouth, which looks fierce and stunning.

The 3D engraved dragon head design gives it a savage look making it a star attention grabber. And it is coupled with an inbuilt safety switch, which makes this lighter pocket friendly and 100 per cent safe.

This brand-new Tiko lighter is available in four colours – Black, White, Gold and Blue and will RRP at $13.95, which means it’s a great margin for the retailer. Stock has absolutely flown out the door, so make sure to get your pre-orders in to secure stock for your store.
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