Gippsland Dairy launches new reduced-plastic packaging

Gippsland Dairy, owned by Chobani, has launched new packaging for its 160-gram products, reducing the plastic content by 44 per cent.

The transformation of the product’s packaging is a key milestone in the company’s progress against Chobani’s commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and the 2025 National Packaging Targets (the 2025 Targets), including to reduce unnecessary or problematic plastics.

Tim Browne, General Manager ESG and General Counsel, said they’ve worked closely with its industry partners to explore innovative approaches to deliver on its commitment in line with the nationally recognised industry targets.

“Our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey – one that demands time, effort and an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement.

“We’re really proud of this important milestone. As we implement our sustainable packaging roadmap we hope to make even greater strides towards similar packaging innovations and a more sustainable future.”

Once all Gippsland Dairy 160-gram products transition to the new packaging, Chobani is set to remove 95,000 kilograms of plastic from its business in 2024 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with sourcing and transporting the packaging (lids and spoons) through its supply chain and to retailers.

The new packaging maintains the signature Gippsland Dairy 160-gram look and feel but will now feature a black band around the circumference of the pot’s top, ensuring consumers can easily spot the distinctive product on the shelf.

“As we evolve our packaging to align with our sustainability goals, we’re equally committed to enhancing the consumer experience. By maintaining the iconic look of our packaging, consumers can easily identify and continue to enjoy our delicious Gippsland Dairy yogurts, now with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.”

Chris Foley, CEO of APCO, said it’s small but impactful changes like this that we need to see more of in the very near future.

“2025 is creeping up and we’re delighted to see Chobani on track to deliver on their commitment to the 2025 Targets.”

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