Go Natural’s new range delivers 4.5 health star performance

Go Natural has launched a new line of snack bars, Nut Delight, with all four products in the range achieving impressive health star ratings.

Three flavours in the range, Almond, Cranberry & Pepita, Almond Cashew with Peanuts & Seeds, Fruit & Nut Delight, have attained a 4.5 health star rating, while the fourth, Walnut, Dates, Cashew & Chia Seeds, received a 4 star rating.

Each bar is based on a combination of Australian peanuts and almonds, together with walnuts, brazil nuts and naturally sweetened with honey from Victoria’s Grampians.

Made with more than 70 per cent of nuts, Nut Delight 40g snack bars contain six grams of protein and antioxidants like Vitamin E, Selenium and Niacin.

Nut Delight bars are also naturally low in sodium, free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and contain no gluten, cholesterol or trans fats.

Nuts have rapidly risen to superfood status over the last few years with various studies linking their consumption to improved heart health, better weight control, lower cholesterol and even a reduced risk of cancer.

Part of Go Natural’s wide range of healthy snack bars, Nut Delight can be found in the health food aisle in all the leading supermarkets and across a variety of other retail outlets, such as convenience stores and petrol stations.

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