Good Friday Slurpee sales to raise funds for children’s hospitals


Tomorrow, Friday 3 April, all 600 7-Eleven stores nationally will ask customers to name the price they would like to pay for a large Slurpee, with every cent then being donated to children’s hospitals.



Above: “Name Your Price Day – we’ll donate every cent” advance advertising for 7-Eleven’s fundraising drive on display at 7-Eleven’s Camperdown store in Sydney

The ‘Name Your Price Day’ event is timed to coincide with Good Friday and funds raised will be donated to Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (VIC), the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation (NSW), Canberra Hospital Foundation (ACT), The Children’s Hospital Foundation (QLD) and to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (WA).

Total funds raised will be announced Wednesday 8 April.



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