Groceries ripping off customers

While product sizes are generally able to shrink in increments without consumers becoming aware, it is becoming more common for manufacturers to produce smaller packets of food for the same price.

According to, experts believe the reason for this is because manufacturers need to make products smaller for the same profit, to keep the companies afloat.

Examples of shrunken products include Tiny Teddies and Shapes that have gone from a 10 pack product to an eight pack product as well as Freddo Frogs that have gone from 15grams to 12grams. said brands that aren’t shrinking their products might still be upping their prices overall because of the drought and rising electricity/manufacturing costs.

Australian Food and Grocery Council head Tanya Barden said: “Food and grocery suppliers, big and small, are conscious of cost of living pressures on consumers, and have been absorbing rising manufacturing costs for some time”.

“But the high pressure on Australia’s largest manufacturing sector is only expected to intensify with costs on everything from commodities, particularly caused by the drought, to labour to energy continuing to increase,” Ms Barden said.

“A number of companies either need to increase their prices, decrease their product sizes or reduce the product ranges they produce if they are to continue production in Australia,” she said.

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