Gym Bod inks multi-million-dollar deal with Coles

Gym Bod Ice Cream has announced it has signed a deal worth over $2 million to range its products nationally in 829 Coles supermarkets over 12 months.

The contract came after a 9-month trial which saw Gym Bod perform exceptionally well, beating out more established competitors in the highly competitive freezer aisle.  

Created by Cian Dawson and Courtney Brown, the couple wanted a healthier ice cream option that tasted great yet didn’t undo all their hard work in the gym.

“We wanted to create an ice cream that was better for us, so we could eat it regularly and not feel like we were compromising on our health and fitness goals. From the outset we knew if we were going to make a healthier dessert it needed to have the rich creaminess that Aussies expect from their ice cream. After years of testing and customer feedback we’re proud to say we’ve made a healthier product that doesn’t skimp on flavour,” said Dawson.

Cian Dawson and Courtney Brown

The Sydney start-up is the latest better-for-you option ice cream to hit supermarket shelves, and rivals international competitors such as Halo Top and YoPro by using Australian milk that is combined with other locally sourced ingredients and made in Melbourne.

“From day one, winning a national ice cream contract was one of our major goals – everything we have done so far to grow our business was for scale. It feels like all the risks we have taken personally and professionally in the last two years are finally starting to pay off,” said Brown.

Since starting in 2018 and running the operation part-time from their Sydney apartment, the couple have spent the past three years growing their business and pivoting due to Covid challenges.

The brand has already started exporting to Kuwait and the UAE, with a NZ launch in 2023, and options in Asia, the UK, and USA opening up.

The 475ml tubs contain 21g of protein, are 96-98 per cent sugar free, with only 351-438 calories per tub, and come in three flavours – Chocolate Pudding, Cookies & Cream, and Peanut Butter Salted Caramel, at a RRP of $10.

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