HempOz – Taking A Natural High To New Heights With Its Innovative Drink Range

Aussie based start-up, HempOz, is taking drinks to the next level and giving everyday Aussies the chance to consume hemp…legally. Bursting with flavours from the Australian Outback, Hemp Oz have created two innovative and original products and at its core, is helping consumers Quit Sugar in its hemp infused product ranges: hemp kombucha and hemp water, that are giving Aussie drinkers an alternative and healthy choice in the ever-growing beverage market.

With its signature ingredient being hemp oil, these sparkling refreshments are an excellent source of magnesium and omega 3 & 6, and 9 to name, a few which may promote cardiovascular health and strengthen your immune system. They’re also an excellent source of dietary fibre which may vital for keeping your digestive system healthy and in check.

Currently available in two delicious products, its Hemp Kombucha and Hemp Infused water ranges are an Australian first of its kind, offering Aussie drinkers a creative and unconventional way to consume hemp in a liquid form.

Hemp Kombucha – $6.00 RRP

With only 1.8 grams of natural sugar per serving, HempOz kombucha tonic is a healthy, vibrant and revitalizing drink that suitable for quenching all types of Aussie thirst. Due to its probiotic properties, this natural tea mixture has been formulated with living probiotics and Australian ingredients direct from the Outback.

Hemp Water – $2.90 RRP

HempOz infused water with ginger and lemon, offers drinkers a unique twist on your everyday H2O. Lightly sparkled and naturally unsweetened, its zesty flavour makes it a perfect drink to stay hydrated and moisturise the inside and energised throughout the day.

Creator John Leith states that “Our purpose is to provide the best organic, natural products to health-conscious consumers. They’re perfect to enjoy at all scenarios and seasons and are quite refreshing to have after a long, hard day”.

“Our purpose is to provide the best organic, natural products to health-conscious consumers”, states creator John Leigh. “They’re perfect to enjoy in all occasions and seasons and are a good alternative to help you quit sugar.

HempOz has also been a key supporter in the legalisation of medicinal and consumable hemp related products in the Oceanic region. Recently, they have partnered with the United In Compassion (UIC) charity group, in the hope to encourage further dialogue and education on the practical benefits and scientific research on the utilization of medicinal cannabis.

The company have also provided a platform for its 250 000-member strong network, Medicann, which has improved community efforts in patient accessibility towards medicinal and health related products.

HempOz is available at selected health food stores across the Sydney region. For more information about stock list and the benefits of HempOz hemp probiotics range, please visit https://hempoz.com.au/

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