Hi-Chew, Japan’s Best-Selling Soft Candy, Launches in Australia

Hi-Chew fruit chews, the most popular soft candy in Japan, is now available for distribution throughout Australia.  Hi-Chew is a top seller throughout Asia, and has achieved rapid sales growth in various Western markets, including the United States.

“Over the past five years, Hi-Chew sales have more than tripled in the U.S.,” says Terry Kawabe, Managing Director and CEO of Morinaga Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.  “We are in virtually every major retail chain, including Costco, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS and 7-Eleven. Hi-Chew sales exceeded USD$50 million in 2019 with growth of 40% YOY, making it the second fastest growing sugar confectionery brand in the USA.

Hi-Chew is known for its long-lasting chewy texture and a wide variety of fruit flavours.  The candy was created in 1975 by Morinaga & Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s “Big 4” confectionery companies.  Hi-Chew quickly became the best-selling soft candy in its home market.  Since then, the fruit chews have been offered in more than 170 flavours and achieved success worldwide. The primary distributor in Australia will be Grocery Corporation. 

“We look forward to launching the Hi-Chew brand in Australia through 2020. Hi-Chew has gained a strong and loyal following over the past decade, particularly in the U.S.A. and New Zealand.  We look forward to tapping into this global sentiment and replicating international success with the brand locally.” says Anthony King, Managing Director of Grocery Corp

“Hi-Chew has been distributed in New Zealand for seven years, and is currently sold in Pak ‘n Save, New World and Mobil. N.Z. sales have exploded over the past six years, and recent data shows Hi-Chew with market share of 2.2% in the Sugar Confectionery category, ahead of legendary brands such as Skittles, Mentos, and Extra.” says Mr Kawabe

Initial offerings in Australia will include three 100/90g peg bags, each with assorted flavours, and 57g sticks in four flavours. The peg bags will be available for retail purchase in select Coles stores, the entire range will be available for wholesale purchase via The Distributors.

For samples of Hi-Chew candy, product images, logos, or more information, please contact: Grocery Corp., +61-2-8404-0240, enquiries@grocerycorp.com.au

Socials: Facebook & Instagram – HI-CHEW ANZWebsites:  www.morinaga-ap.com

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