Honest Gum shakes up the gum industry

Honest Gum’s new plant-based, vegan gum is sustainable, compostable, and ethically sourced, and most importantly, tastes delicious.

While most gums contain a synthetic gum base, Honest Gum has released a new natural alternative in four different flavours – Eucalyptus Mint, Ginger Lemon, Fruit, and Cinnamon.

Marie Hatzimihalis, Founder of Honest Gum and avid gum chewer, said one day she decided to read the ingredients of what she was chewing on.

“The first ingredient was ‘gum base’, it was a very vague term, so I looked it up and realised it was an umbrella term to hide all the synthetic ingredients including plastics, polymers, BHT, Petroleum etc. 

“I had no idea that I was chewing on plastic, and I was mortified. I knew there must have been a natural alternative but at the time there wasn’t anything in the Australian market. From there, after approximately six months of research and development, Honest Gum was born.”

Most consumers aren’t aware that the majority of chewing gum contains a synthetic base, and Hatzimihalis believes that Honest Gum can provide health-conscious consumers with a delicious, healthier alternative.

Honest Gum is currently stocked at over 500 locations, including 50 WH Smith airport convenience stores, X Convenience in South Australia, and various other service stations, pharmacies, grocers and health food stores.

There are 12 pieces per pack, with each pack retailing for RRP $3.95. Retailers looking to stock Honest Gum can contact the following wholesalers in each state – Qld: Complete Health Products, Vic: Happy Green Distribution, SA: Future Foods Distribution, WA: Alinal Distribution, NZ: Limitless Distribution.

Alternatively, retailers can contact Hatzimihalis directly at chewnatural@honestgum.com.au.

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