Honest Harvest

Honest Harvest Coconut Water: sweet, smooth and pure

Honest Harvest

One taste of Honest Harvest is enough to know that this is no ordinary coconut water. Sweet, smooth and pure, Honest Harvest is the closest thing you will get to enjoying the freshest coconut water straight from a young, green coconut.

However, it’s the uncompromised attention to detail, thought and care that goes into each and every bottle of Honest Harvest that truly sets this coconut water apart. Honest Harvest is one beverage that not only makes you feel great, but one you can feel great about drinking.

It’s made from 100% organic, pure, raw coconut water extracted exclusively from young, green Nam Hom coconuts, which are revered for their superior, sweet flavour profile. Honest Harvest hand select the perfect coconuts which are then picked within 48 hours of reaching their optimum ripeness and sweetness before being bottled the same day.

The Nam Hom coconuts used by Honest Harvest are grown on specifically chosen USDA certified organic plantations in Thailand. The USDA certification applies to each element of the growing, harvesting and production process – ensuring long-term biological and social sustainability.

Honest Harvest is also a Fair for Life member. This international certification ensures respect of human rights, ethical and fair working conditions for all farmers and workers at every stage of production; respect of the ecosystem and promotion of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture practices; respect and betterment of local impact which in turn empowers locals and supports social community projects.

Every step of growing, extracting, bottling and distributing this premium coconut water is traceable, consistent and executed to the highest standard possible. This ensures consistency in every bottle of Honest Harvest, while providing the consumer with complete peace of mind and the knowledge that their purchase is making a positive and lasting social impact.

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