How Coca-Cola is keeping up with consumers

Shifts in consumer preferences have presented Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) with significant opportunities to develop its Australian beverage portfolio in both product and portion size, according to the beverage giant.

To illustrate this point, CCA’s Australian non-alcohol beverage portfolio now contains a total of 190 formulations. Of these: 37 per cent are no added sugar; 26 per cent are low kilojoule (less than 80 kilojoules per 100ml); 27 per cent  are no kilojoule, and 8 per cent have recently had the sugar content reduced.

The drinks brand has also reduced portion sizes for some of its most popular beverages. In August 2014, the 250ml can was introduced and in July last year followed with a 390ml PET bottle (down from 450ml) and 330mL glass bottle (down from 385ml).

The company’s annual general meeting held on May 18, 2016, heard that the ‘pipeline of innovation’ is ongoing; with nine reformulation projects either launched or under development in 2016.

The company calculates that, had it implemented its proposed kilojoule reduction program at the beginning of 2015, it would have sold 80 million less kilojoules; equivalent to an average 3.8 per cent reduction in kilojoule per litre across its non-alcohol ready to drink  portfolio.

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