IGA Retailers raise over $750,000 for Drought Angels in Rain Drop Campaign

IGA’s 1400 independent retailers recently came together with their customers to raise more than $750,000 to support the Australian farmers that have been affected by the current drought. Customers were able to able to purchase a $2 rain drop token with all funds raised going towards the Drought Angels Foundation.

Drought Angels provides a unique service for which they have become well known for within rural Australia. Drought Angels is a small charity which provides personalised and discreet assistance to farmers in need. It also provides stock feed, food hampers, financial support via pre-paid visa cards and IGA gift cards and local produce vouchers from within communities.

Founding Director of Drought Angels, Natasha Johnston, said the huge fundraising support would help the thousands of farmers registered as needing assistance as well as enabling their army of volunteers to provide assistance where it is needed most.

“It’s overwhelming in every way for these farmers but knowing that so many people support them, in spirit and by giving from their own pockets, can make an enormous difference as they get up every day and keep going while hoping for rain,”

“Funds are used where and how they are most needed – some families need food, water and basic necessities; others need help financially for everyday things like fuel or feed or getting the kids to school,” she said.

“Drought Angels Raindrop Tokens were available in IGA stores around the country until November 4th. Every donation helps in a really meaningful way so please continue to support Drought Angels so that we can carry on supporting farmers who are doing it tough.”

Ian Ashcroft, Chair of the IGA National Retailer Council, said: “The current drought in Australia is having devastating effect on families and farmers and we want them to know that they are not alone. This is a tough time for all and IGA is here to support them as they have supported us throughout the years.”

Ian added, “Drought Angels provide an amazing service to our farmers who need the most help. It is important that donations get to the right people as quickly as possible. The great thing about

Drought Angels is that the money will be collected and allocated on a weekly basis, making people’s ongoing support crucial.”

IGA strives to support local communities around Australia with programs such as the IGA Community Chest and Play Your Part campaign. The IGA Community Chest raises funds for local charities, teams and organisations through in-store purchases, including products from IGA’s new Community Co™ range.

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