Image gallery: AACS Connect 22 and Awards Gala Dinner

The Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) hosted a successful Connect 22 Conference and its annual awards gala dinner in Sydney. Here are some of the highlights…

Jenny Rose and Wayne Miller, Uhaul
Jason Woodland, Alexa King, Ryan Slater, Maeva Couronne, Kynan Grace, Jeff Villavicencio, all from Ampol
Tess Arkell and Samantha Manney
Benjamin Carrazza, Clinton Elphinstone, Chris Murphy, Mike Davis
Shireen Syeda, Megan Fulton, Joe Alessi, Deb Adnum, Engelbert Misquitta, Rebekah Rae, Leo Santalucia, all from New Sunrise
Troy Richard, Joseph De Petro, Felicity Needham, Matthew Peddlesden, Paul Crisfield, Kelly Campion
Tom Dusseldorp, Renee Rogers, Jono Friedrich
Jordan Press, Manik Silva, Sam Faire
David Sulkin, Sam Faire, Remoun Sourial

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