Image Gallery: The Distributors State of Origin boat race

State pride ran strong during The Distributors 2022 Mid-Year Conference and Trade Show on Hamilton Island, where a state vs state boat race took place.

After a productive day of learning and networking, including an innovative ‘speed dating’ style trade show, attendees were split into their respective states and whisked away to Hamilton Island Marina to partake in a boat race sponsored by Stuart Alexander.

Vastly outnumbering those north of the Tweed, the New South Welshman were ushered upon an impressive luxury catamaran, while those supporting the maroons were placed on a smaller sailing catamaran.

The two boats made their way through the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, providing plenty of photo opportunities and time to unwind after a busy day.

While it might be said that everyone was a winner for getting to experience such an amazing time, that’s not exactly true as there can only be one winner, and today it was the blues.

The result of the Origin may not have gone NSW’s way, but remembering that the better team won the boat race will surely bring a smile to those from the southern state.

The winning NSW boat
The Maroon’s boat
Into the sunset
Courtesy of Stuart Alexander
George Tsapoutas (The Distributors), Steve Cardinale (New Sunrise Group)
Enjoying the serenity
Photo opportunities aplenty
A perfect way to unwind
A safe space to drink out of the wind
Enjoying the view of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands

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