Impact damage, are you covered?

Written by Dan Armes, founder of ServoPro.

Confusing insurance policies with ambiguous wording often lead to misunderstandings about what is actually covered. One of the most common claims seen by ServoPro’s partner for insurance, Sudale Insurance Brokers, is impact damage.

With vehicles coming in and out of a petrol station all day, every day, it is only a matter of time before they cause some damage to the site.

Impact damage can range from cosmetic surface damage to more serious damage where staff and customers are at risk.

A common occurance where impact damage occurs in a petrol station is where a customer leaves a nozzle in a vehicle, forgets about it and drives off. In some cases the nozzle will break off or the hose will snap. There have been occurrences where the whole pump or dispenser has been destroyed.

With trucks and other high vehicles often entering petrol stations we often see them hitting signage and canopies, even when the height is clearly marked. A truck driver who is thinking about purchasing their morning coffee and hot meat pie may not have seen the canopy, forgotten about the high load they are carrying which can cause significant damage to the building and cause a major risk for customers and employees.

Petrol stations are a target for ram-raid robberies, with ATM’s and cigarettes being stolen. This type of impact on a building can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a business.

It is important to check your insurance policy and speak with an insurance broker who understands that impact damage is a major issue for petrol retailers. Don’t leave it too late before you make sure you are covered.

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