C&I 2021 Industry Leaders Forum: Glenys Tristram, NightOwl

As part of the 2021 C&I Industry Leaders Forum, Glenys Tristram, Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator, NightOwl, talks about the group’s expansion and its focus on meeting the needs of its franchisees and consumers.

C&I: Highlight one achievement at NightOwl that you’re particularly proud of from over the past 12 months.

Tristram: The NightOwl network and brand continues to grow as within the last 12 months we have purchased, developed, and redeveloped a number of new sites, primarily in regional Queensland. We have had some wonderful comments come in, particularly from new customers in the Townsville region that express gratitude in our inclusion within the community. We recognise that growing regional communities have late night or early morning convenience needs that have not been met, and NightOwl can fill this need with our highly competitive fuel pricing, and convenient food and top up shop offers.

C&I: What do you enjoy most about convenience and what is one challenge you’d like to see addressed in the industry?

Tristram: Convenience is for community. Being present in one of our stores when a customer walks in and initiates a fun social exchange with the franchisee while making a purchase is one of the reasons why I love this industry. The pandemic has only reinforced that we all need each other, and our convenience stores provide a safe, quick, shopping experience that our customers appreciate.

The challenge is to continue to work with trade partners to secure the pricing that allows us all to remain competitive. Trade partners know that convenience offers opportunities for sales outside of the typical supermarket hours and locations, so we must continue to close the gap on pricing to incrementally work forward dispelling old fashioned consumer convenience store pricing perceptions.

C&I: What is the primary focus for NightOwl in 2021?

Tristram: We are equally focused to meeting the needs of both our franchisees, and our customers. For our franchisees, we take the time to carefully develop systems and training that will ensure their success. Many of them work long hours, and we are constantly innovating to improve processes that will free up time, and add value to their bottom line.

We also focus on keeping ahead of our customers needs, this means making sure our shelves are always fully stocked with items that they want to purchase. Focusing on the core basics of good business practice is always our priority.

C&I: How do you envision the next six months for convenience retail?

Tristram: Convenience retail over the next six months will continue to revolve around the shop local, support local theme. Customers that rediscovered the joy of a fast, safe, affordable, and quality experience with their local convenience store will likely continue to shop with that store provided the customer service standard remains high and personalised.

Convenience retail is an exciting, innovative space and we will see many stores pushing to provide new opportunities for customer connection and growth.

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