Inquiry into 5G begins

An inquiry into the hotly debated roll-out of 5G mobile technology in Australia has kicked off this week.

As part of the agenda, both small and large businesses and start ups will have the opportunity to make their case for the controversial technology.

The inquiry launched yesterday with a hearing in Perth and continues in Adelaide today, before travelling to Melbourne tomorrow and Sydney on Thursday. It will also be broadcast live at

Dr David Gillespie, chair of the House of Representatives Communications and the Arts Committee said they were keen to hear how the technology would help businesses, particularly in automotive, agricultural and telecommunication.

‘We want to hear what 5G can do for business. 5G is a brand name, and it will be up to Australian companies to decide what they want out of it and develop use cases as the technology develops.’ Dr Gillespie said.

The technology has the potential to greatly improve business in Australia, thanks to its ability for higher speeds – up to 300GHz compared with 4G’s current capacity, which sits around 700MHz.

It also carries the ability to carry higher data loads and has the potential for significantly higher download speeds.

However the technology has attracted controversy over perceived health concerns, as 5G uses higher frequency waves than 4G or 3G.

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