IRI Shopper Panel

IRI Shopper Panel now the largest in Australia

Data company, IRI Shopper Panel, has boosted its numbers of shoppers nationally becoming the largest shopper panel in Australia.

“The IRI Shopper Panel now consists of over 13,000 shoppers across the country making it the largest of its kind in Australia,” said IRI’s Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Paul Hinds.

The panel gleans feedback from households across the country on what food and groceries they are buying, when and why, helping suppliers and retailers to better understand the needs of Australians. It also helps retailers specifically to identify new product offerings and modify existing ones.IRI Shopper Panel

Data is uploaded real time to IRI by panel members and while individual shoppers are not identified, their purchasing activities, demographic and family make up information are.

“Our IRI Shopper Panel data tells us the most extraordinary level of detail about shopper behaviour,” said Hinds. “We can drill into locations, seeing whether families in Western Sydney are continuing to buy the same brand of cereal each week, or if they are swapping to alternative brands which are cheaper or contain less fat.”

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