It’s all about gravity

Every convenience store has a cool room and drinks fridge, from which they sell drinks and if your system involves a flat shelving system then you experience one or all of the below:

  • You incur a lot of labour costs (staff have to continually face up product as it sells)
  • Your staff double handle products (touch each product numerous times)
  • You cannot guarantee proper stock rotation (FIFO, first in, first out)
  • Your fridge will never look full (as customers buy product throughout the day)

There is also a trend to reduce staff numbers which limits the time that your staff can spend ‘facing up’ products, as their priority is to deal with the continuous stream of customers in the store.

There is a famous saying—you cannot see the forest for the trees.

To put this simply, sometimes we are all guilty of being so busy that we can forget the basic business principles so we lose sight of what is real.

There are a number of proven cost/value formulas and they all agree on the basics of value, quality, service and cost

Getting all these factors right ensures a high customer perception of overall value and we should always strive to increase our quality and service.

So what is the solution?

Flowsell’s flat shelving is all about cost reduction, and smart innovation.

We should continually explore options and opportunities to reduce costs and maximise staff time at the coal face (serving customers).

Businesses who understand and adopt proven systems that enhance their customers perceptions will always “just do it” whilst others ponder and procrastinate.

Which group does your business belong to?

Gravity, it has been around for millions of years

Gravity, it was recognised and named by Sir Isaac newton over three hundred years ago

Gravity, why is your business not using it?

*Flowsell provides a retrofit bottle slide kit that converts your flat shelving into a gravity feed system

*Flowsell can customise the retrofit bottle slide kit to fit any size shelf

*Flowsell can provide either a supply only or a supply and fit option

Flowsell is a 100% Australian owned and operated company

Contact Flowsell: , 03 9708 2276


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