It’s only LOGICal

Customers are looking to electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) as a ‘healthier’, ‘better for you’ option and for cost savings. Logic e-cigs are the premium electronic cigarette on the Australian market, available in two flavours – menthol and tobacco – and produced using triple distilled oils and superior quality manufacture.

logic ecig menthol

Logic e-cigs provide customers with a real alternative to smoking; with no tobacco and no combustion and – compared to cigarette smoke – around 4,000 less chemicals.

Cost savings attract customers too: A disposable Logic e-cig retails at $15 RRP and provides ‘smoking time’ equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. Rechargeable kits equate to around four packs and retail at $39 RRP. This provides customer savings of about $29 to $49 compared with traditional cigarettes at around $22 per pack.

With demand growing daily, stocking Logic e-cigs is only LOGICal. Logic e-cigs are currently sold in over 1000 Australian retail outlets, and now is the time to get on board.

Available through Metcash or direct from Logic at


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