Japanese KitKat reaches 350 milestone

KitKat in Japan has reached a new milestone, having released over 350 new KitKat flavours over the past 45 years.

According to Confectionery News, KitKat has launched, on average, 20 to 30 new flavours each year.

There are currently 40 KitKat flavours that are available.

Nestle Japan spokesman Takuya Hiramatsu: “We have developed many unique flavours in order to meet the expectation of the Japanese customer who loves “new” products as compared to consumers from the other markets”.

“Also, foreign customers who visit Japan are always looking forward to find new ‘Made-In-Japan’ KitKat,” Mr Hiramatsu said.

“The combination of tastes and package designs which are “unique to Japan” has a great appeal for foreign visitors.”

It was reported that out of all the flavours, the original and matcha flavours are the biggest sellers in Japan.

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