JB Metropolitan Distributors celebrates 40 years of business

This year marks forty years since Bruce Spiteri, Managing Director of JB Metropolitan Distributors, started the business in his garage.

Since then, the business has grown to become Australia’s largest independent confectionery, snack food, grocery, and beverage wholesale company.

Spiteri explained to C&I that the reason he started the business in the first place was because he didn’t see any future in the job he was currently working.

“I had no prospects where I was working, so I purchased a small confectionery business and operated from our garage for the first two years.”

Bruce’s Confectionery, the name of the small business at the time, expanded over the years to become the JB Metropolitan Distributors we know today, expanding from Sydney to service areas such as Adelaide, Darwin, and Wollongong.

“When I started, I insisted on delivering within 24 hours and from then on the business grew as a result of our service levels.”

Over the time Spiteri has been involved with his business, he has seen the convenience industry change incredibly, and highlighted the need for his business to diversify into groceries, beverages, and food service to cater to the changing needs of the industry.

“Service stations and convenience stores have changed from a fuel seller to a destination point. This was emphasised during Covid. These customers of ours are now the corner store, the newsagent, and the takeaway, with the need to continue to offer their customers a broad offering.”

Over the past year, Spiteri has seen growth in several areas including JB’s e-commerce strategy, which has been a highlight, but Spiteri has more plans for the coming year.

“Our Darwin branch is growing, so a move to a fully air-conditioned warehouse is imminent. Our plans for the rest of the company is to just continue to work on being the best in the business.”

On a personal level, Spiteri loves when the business attracts new customers through its reputation for upholding a great service, but also has a message for those in the industry.

“The doom and gloom that is about at the moment is of no benefit to anyone, think positive and never look for excuses.”

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