Jono's Jerky releases new flavour

Jono’s Jerky launches new cheeseburger flavour

Canberra based snack food company Jono’s Jerky have this week launched a flavour of beef jerky unlike all others. The Cheeseburger flavour is crafted with a delicate balance of mustard, tomato sauce, pickles and onion.

The new creation is not only loaded with flavour but is also dairy and gluten free.

The latest addition comes as a response to a growing industry and a changing consumer profile.

Jono's Jerky releases new flavour
Jono’s Jerky releases new flavour

Over the last few years, Managing Director of Jono’s Jerky, Jonathon Painting has watched as jerky has transformed from the ugly duckling of the snack food industry to one of it’s fastest growing segments.

Painting attributes this to the consumers’ willingness to try new things, combined with the demand for snacks that have less additives and will keep hunger pangs at bay.

“Some of the newer brands, such as ours, have really expanded the definition of the typical jerky customer. Different branding, a wider selection of flavours and a focus on natural ingredients are all elements that help to introduce jerky to non-traditional demographics”

Painting sees the Cheeseburger flavour simply as a continuation of that.

“It also has the added bonus of being very ‘Instagrammable’. Good for sharing, both in person and on social media. I don’t think anyone has ever said that about a jerky product before.”

It looks like Jono’s Jerky have struck a chord with their customers as sales of Cheeseburger flavoured jerky passed 1000 bags in its first week.

“It has spread like wildfire” according to Painting.

“We partnered with a few influencers on social media but that was the only marketing we’ve done. It’s been unbelievably popular”.

If current trends are to continue Australians can expect to see more flavour innovation in the future, as meat based snack retailers look to stand out and target new consumers into the growing industry.

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