Kanguru launch into South Korea

Red Kangaroo Beverages has launched into the trend-setting South Korean market.
Partnering with billion dollar manufacturing and distribution leader Binggrae, the company has today officially launched their Kanguru energy drink into 24,000 stores.
More than 300,000 250ml cans will be distributed to convenience stores within the next three weeks, including South Korea’s top three chains 7-Eleven, GS25 and EMart24. And the brand has ambitious plans to sell 500,000 cans within five weeks.
Kanguru’s President of the Asia Pacific Region David Westall told C&I the South Korean market was a good fit for the brand because of the consumer focus on health and better-for-you products.
“Consumers in South Korea are looking for holistic wellbeing products that provide specific functional benefits and help them re-charge in a sustainable and natural way; however, no such product is available for them at the moment,” Mr Westall said.

“This unattended consumer need, the fact that one of the main botanicals in our infusion is the world-famous top grade Red Korean Ginseng, one of the most sought after active ingredients in Korea for its proven health properties, and the behavioural and lifestyle changes triggered by the COVID-19 Pandemic created the perfect business opportunity and timing for Kanguru’s South Korean launch.”

Mr Westall said South Korea holds significant potential for international brands and if a brand could succeed there, they were likely to succeed across Asia.

And despite the launch coinciding with a global pandemic, Mr Westall said their approach of combining the product development and branding capabilities of their Australian team with the local know-how of Binggrae meant they well positioned to navigate any challenges.

“Our commercial partner Binggrae is one of the leading beverage manufacturers and owner of the number one selling beverage in the category in South Korea. This partnership gives us instant access to more than 40,000 convenience stores, the cornerstone of the retail environment in South Korea, as well as the support of the best in class sales, logistics, trade marketing teams and infrastructure,” he said.

“This is a great example of applying the principle of “think global and act local”. Kanguru will be the very first International beverage brand to enter the South Korean market through well-established local manufacturing and commercial partners.”

While the brand has launched their Original flavour in South Korea, in Australia they have added a second in their Mixed Berry and Pomegranate flavour, available now. The company plan to expand further into Asia and to North America in the future.

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