Kanguru was born out of the question: can an energy drink be good for you?

The answer is – yes! Kanguru has evolved what consumers have come to expect from the energy drink category.

It took four years of research and development to create Kanguru, a product that’s entirely evidence-based, offers a zero-sugar and anti-crash formula. Meaning that Kanguru delivers more than just a hollow energy hit, the combination of ingredients allows it to play a functional role in consumers lives.

Kanguru has lots to celebrate and nothing to hide, listing the amounts of each of the botanicals and B-Vitamins on the can! Each ingredient used in Kanguru has been scientifically selected and is used in beneficial not token amounts. Kanguru’s smart energy comes from the combination of 5 botanicals – Korean Red Ginseng, the most premium ginseng variety available, Yerba Mate, Guarana, Schisandra and Green Tea. Along with 6 complex B-vitamins, chosen because B-vitamins help the body convert food into fuel, which the body uses to produce energy. With over 90% of the caffeine in Kanguru being delivered directly from the botanicals, it truly is clean energy.

Kanguru is designed for consumption of two 250mL cans daily, which provides the optimum amount of each ingredient for beneficial delivery. The result is a refreshing tasting, highly functional energy drink to vitalise both body and mind.

Kanguru it’s the smart energy that allows you to Be More everyday.

For more information visit www.kanguruenergy.com.au.

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