Keep cigarette vending simple and hassle-free

With the challenges of theft, shrinkage, and the inefficient management of high-value categories like tobacco, Vend Data Media Solutions (VDMS) is here to help.

VDMS is at the forefront of addressing these issues with their state-of-the-art cigarette vending machines.

Enhanced Security Against Theft

VDMS machines are not just vending solutions; they are robust security systems designed to deter potential robbers. With advanced locking mechanisms and secure storage, the vending machines ensure that tobacco products are safe, even in the event of a break-in. By installing a VDMS cigarette vending machine, you not only protect your stock but also provide a safer environment for your staff.

Eliminate Shrinkage and Boost Profits

Shrinkage in the tobacco category can significantly erode your profits. Traditional management practices often lead to losses of 1-2 per cent, which can translate to a 20 per cent reduction in the value of your most expensive category. VDMS’ vending solutions offer disciplined tobacco management, controlling access to products and virtually eliminating in-store shrinkage. Imagine the savings when you no longer lose 2-3 packs per week to internal theft!

Maximise Category Value

Tobacco is a crucial revenue driver in convenience stores, accounting for a significant portion of turnover and profits. With VDMS digital retail systems, you can enhance the power of your point of sale, drive customer loyalty, and increase revenue. The eye-catching digital advertising displays not only attract attention but also provide an additional revenue stream through supplier advertising.

Future-Proof Your Store

Stay ahead of the curve with the innovative vending units. Designed to overcome the challenges of display bans and plain packaging regulations, the machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Whether you need standalone systems or integrated solutions with your POS, VDMS has you covered.

Save Time and Take Control

VDMS’ digital retail systems are designed to streamline your operations, providing real-time sales information and minimizing the time spent on stock management. With VDMS’ vending solutions, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Act Now

Don’t let shrinkage and theft eat away at profits. Secure your stock, save time, and enhance your store’s appearance with VDMS cigarette vending machines. Contact VDMS today to take control of your tobacco category and transform your point of purchase.

Visit, email VDMS at, or call +61 (02) 8507 3009 to learn more about VDMS’ innovative solutions.

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