Keeping it clean

With supermarket shelves being plundered nightly, trying to keep yourself germ-free is becoming a harder task these days. Visiting three or four stores to find what you need is commonplace and even then you are not guaranteed of success. So it was good news to learn that Olympian Products & Distribution, which was established to share the best of Greek FMCG with Australian consumers, recently expanded their growing portfolio to include a Personal Care & Hygiene category.

Maintaining their mission of selling only the best, they are now distributing the best-selling hygienic wipes in the Greek market, Wet Hankies. These antibacterial hand wipes eliminate bacteria without irritating the skin and are clinically proven effective against Influenza virus H1N1. Available in both original and three lightly scented varieties, Wet Hankies have achieved 63% market share in their homeland.

Other products in the Wet Hankies range include cleansing wipes for sensitive skin and mild Kids’ antiseptic wipes with glycerine for young skin.

Another new germ-fighting hero in the Olympian family is So Clean hand sanitiser, which kills 99.9% of bacteria. Lightly scented with Musk, So Clean comes in a convenient 80ml bottle.

In these unprecedented times it makes sense to keep a powerful ally against bacteria on hand and these preventative personal care items easily fit into a handbag or pocket.

Due to heavy demand current stocks are committed but supply is ongoing. To place a Back Order for delivery in 4-6 weeks or request more information, email or call 1800 413 711.

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