Kellogg’s latest creation set to shake up the cereal aisle

Kellogg’s has released a new product that’s Just Right.

The cereal brand has created Just Right Fusion, a mix of its Just Right blend and an oaty granola, available in two flavours.

Cranberry & Apple pairs the cereal staples with chewy fruit pieces, while the Almond & Cashew swaps these for a medley of nuts and seeds alongside the toasted flakes, crispy brand and rice and oat clusters. Both make for a delicious way to get a fix of multi-grains and fibre.

Kellogg Australia brand manager Derek Lau said the new twist will have fans ‘pin balling’ between cereal and granola.

“We think it brings some uniqueness to the breakfast aisle, and we’re really excited for people to try it and to let us know what they think!”

Both flavours are available in Coles store nationally now and will launch in Woolworths stores from October 19. They retail for $6 a box.  

In other news from the company, Kellogg’s last week announced it has significantly reduced its global food wastage since 2016. Its organic food wastage is down 13/4%, its total waste per pound (half kilo) of food produced is down 5.7% and, significantly, only 1% of food handled went unused across its global manufacturing operations. The commitment to reducing its wastage is part of its Better Days strategy to tackle food wastage and improve the livelihoods of three billion people by the end of 2030.

The wastage was saved through a combination of partnerships with foodbanks, company implemented initiatives such as the Perfectly Imperfect program in the US and by supplying imperfect product to breweries.

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