Kit Kat launches gold bar in celebration of Chinese New Year

Kit Kat Australia will release a limited edition 24k gold covered Kit Kat bar in celebration of Chinese New Year on Thursday, January 28.

A world first for the brand, only 88 eight-fingered Chinese New Year Kit Kat bars will be produced and sold exclusively at the Kit Kat Studio in Melbourne Central.

The bars, priced at $88, contain Phoenix Oolong tea leaves sourced from the Guangdong Province of China paired with delicate lychee and fragrant rose petals. They will be covered with 24k gold leaf and topped with whole rose buds and rose jelly.

The limited edition bars will be packaged in red and gold boxes and wrapped in red silk, and calligrapher will also be available instore to inscribe personal messages.

The Kit Kat Studio at Melbourne Central is the second retail concept for the chocolate brand in Australia. Opened in November, the Studio followed the opening of the first Kit Kat Studio opened at Westfield Sydney in August 2015, which saw more than 25,000 Kit Kat bars sold.

The Studio allows customers to create their own custom-made Kit Kat bar from a range of 17 premium ingredients including crunchy and chewy salted caramel, tart raspberry pieces, fragrant pink rose petals and caramelised meringue.

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