Kochie joins Pat Cummins as Goodness Group Global shareholder

Former Sunrise host David Koch has invested in Australian beverage company Goodness Group Global, owner of Nexba.

Koch joins Australian Test Cricket captain Pat Cummins as a shareholder in the recently created Goodness Group Global as the company attempts build a house of better-for-you brands under its umbrella.

Koch said that he first met the Nexba founders on a plan 10 years ago and jumped at the opportunity to become a shareholder.

“I love supporting young Aussie entrepreneurs and Nexba joins a group of 6 other startups and scaleups I’ve invested in over recent years. Whenever I assess the suitability of a company for potential investment, there are a few key principles that guide me. One is the quality and integrity of the founders of the business and the other is having a strong purpose to deliver value and impact long term. In the case of Nexba and Goodness Group Global – I overwhelmingly support both.”

Earlier this year, Nexba expanded to become Goodness Group Global with the goal of building a house of brands that ‘taste good and do good’ while creating positive change by removing sugar and artificial ingredients from consumption.

Nexba, which has a rang of functional soft drinks, kombuchas, nootropics, and iced teas, is currently in market raising $7.75 million as part of its ambitious growth strategy, and have to date raised roughly $3.5 million at the $1.28 per ordinary share price.

Troy Douglas, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Nexba, said having Koch as an investor and advisor is a significant milestone in the journey of their business.

“Apart from being a much-loved well-known figure, David brings immense expertise and experience in business and his guidance will prove to be invaluable. We’re delighted to have him on board and his involvement reaffirms the immense potential and value of our Goodsweet alternative to sugar & artificials in the food and beverage industry.”

Nexba is currently sold in major convenience retailers and supermarkets across the country.

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