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Since C&I first reported about Kombucha’s deep dive into the convenience market earlier in 2018, many brands and botted teas have joined in on the trend; Mojo Kombucha, Tonicka Kombucha, Remedy Kombucha and Amplify Kombucha- just to name a few.

Along with new brands, have come new variations and flavours including Remedy Kombucha’s Ginger Berry flavour as well as Coca-Cola purchasing the Mojo Kombucha brand, the first Kombucha brand owned by the company.

Amplify Kombucha was the brainchild of beverage company Frucor Suntory, the idea started out as the side project of two product developers before it was taken on by the marketing team, and it was decided to bring it into the market.

The Amplify website stated that as a brand the company had spent “enough years bringing great-tasting drinks to the lips of thirsty Aussies & Kiwi’s everywhere to know that our big idea was going to take a little elbow grease and a lot of passion”.

“After numerous rounds of experimenting and countless taste tests, we finally had our perfect brew –full to the brim with natural and organic ingredients, infused with your favourite fresh fruity flavours and just the right level of fizz,” Frucor Suntory said.

According to Nexba, the Australian market is experiencing an unprecedented boom in the beverage market as more health conscious Aussies are ditching sugar-laden soft drinks for healthier alternatives.

“Australia has seen a 700% increase in kombucha sales within the last two years,” Nexba said.

“This translates to a whopping 173.8% growth rate in consumer choice for choosing kombucha over sugary carbonated beverages and is forecasted to experience a further 25% growth year on year.”

Nexba has formulated its own kombucha that uses a unique strain of “smart & robust probiotic” that is designed to survive the unique conditions of the stomach, ensuring that the probiotic can actually reach the stomach.

Nexba’s Kombucha beverages are brewed for 40 days, to allow for the sugar to be consumed during the fermentation period.

Another Australian beverage start-up, HempOz, has introduced a way for hemp to be consumed legally. The HempOz beverage is bursting with flavours from the Australian Outback with two original flavours and at its core, is helping consumers quit sugar with its hemp kombucha and hemp water.

With its signature ingredient being hemp oil, these sparkling refreshments are an excellent source of magnesium and omega 3 & 6, and 9 to name, a few which may promote cardiovascular health and strengthen your immune system. They’re also an excellent source of dietary fibre which may vital for keeping your digestive system healthy and in check.

Currently available in two delicious products, its Hemp Kombucha and Hemp Infused water ranges are an Australian first of its kind, offering Aussie drinkers a creative and unconventional way to consume hemp in a liquid form.

With only 1.8 grams of natural sugar per serving, HempOz kombucha tonic is a healthy, vibrant and revitalizing drink that suitable for quenching all types of Aussie thirst. Due to its probiotic properties, this natural tea mixture has been formulated with living probiotics and Australian ingredients direct from the Outback.

Creator John Leith stated that: “Our purpose is to provide the best organic, natural products to health-conscious consumers. They’re perfect to enjoy at all scenarios and seasons and are quite refreshing to have after a long, hard day”.

“Our purpose is to provide the best organic, natural products to health-conscious consumers”, Mr Leigh said. “They’re perfect to enjoy in all occasions and seasons and are a good alternative to help you quit sugar.”



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