Kraft Nuts expands its product portfolio

Kraft Nuts has announced eight new products to be added to its range in the biggest product for Kraft since it introduced the original Peanut Butter in Australia over 50 years ago.

The new products include Kraft Hazelnut Crunchy Spread (Australia’s first crunchy hazelnut spread), Kraft Hazelnut Smooth Spread, Kraft Cashew Nut Spread and Kraft Almond Nut Spread.

Consumers will also have more choice as Kraft Nuts add new peanut butter varieties – Kraft Cinnamon Spice Peanut Spread Smooth and Kraft Sweet Honey Peanut Spread Smooth. Australia’s first crunchy hazelnut spread – alongside their best selling Peanut Butter.

In addition, Kraft Nuts is launching its first Natural Peanut Butter which is made from 100% nuts and will be available in both Crunchy and Smooth variants.

All these spreads are free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

The Kraft portfolio is currently the market leader in Peanut Butter, selling over 15 million jars every year and owning 62% of total Peanut Butter market share (Nielsen Scan MAT 04/01/2015)

Justin Taylor, Category Marketing Manager for Spreads at Kraft Nuts, comments, “Australians are going nuts for alternate nuts and this trend can be seen across a number of categories including milk, snacking and now spreads. As the nut category has expanded and shown more functionality as a snack and an ingredient, so too has the push for more variety in nut spreads – with consumers demanding more choice. As the maker of Australia’s favourite Peanut Butter, we’ve launched eight new varieties ranging from Hazelnut to Almond that we know nut fans will love.”

Mr Taylor continues, “Kraft Nuts is showcasing its commitment to these new products by investing in a multi-million dollar integrated campaign. Spanning TV, POS, digital and PR, the campaign will launch across Australia in March.”

Kraft Cashew Spread, Kraft Almond Spread, Kraft Hazelnut Smooth, Kraft Hazelnut Crunchy are available on-shelf now. Kraft Natural Peanut Butter Smooth, and Kraft Natural Peanut Butter Crunchy will be available from 23 February.

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