Krispy Kreme and Cadbury Caramilk combine

Two limited-edition Krispy Kreme doughnuts, dunked in Caramilk chocolate, are now available from over 700 7-Eleven stores across the country.

Cadbury Caramilk is the fastest growing chocolate brand with $56 million of sales and 43 per cent growth in the past year.

Olivia Sutherland, Marketing Director at Krispy Kreme Australia said: “The Cadbury Caramilk craze didn’t go unnoticed here at Krispy Kreme, so we knew we had to give Aussies the chance to taste the two iconic flavours brought together in our delicious doughnuts! No one can resist Caramilk, and we love coming up with new flavours for our fans which we’re sure will be an irresistibly tasty new addition to the range.”

Using 16 tonnes of Cadbury Caramilk, Krispy Kreme has created two new products: The Caramilk Shell and The Caramilk Ring.

The Caramilk shell features shell-filled crème, dipped in Caramilk chocolate and covered in Caramilk flakes while the Caramilk ring is Krispy Kreme’s original glazed donut, dunked in Caramilk chocolate, sprinkled with Caramilk flakes and topped with a white truffle drizzle.

7-Eleven Head of Food, Emma Metcalf-King, said the 7-Eleven team are excited about the new flavours: “We love providing our customers with innovation, and we are so excited about this exclusive launch of Krispy Kreme Cadbury Caramilk at 7-Eleven! Caramilk is one of our customers favourite flavours so we cannot wait to bring these amazing products to life instore – they are irresistibly delicious!”

The doughnuts retail for $3.75 each and are available through 7-Eleven stores and 7-Eleven Delivery.

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