Krispy Kreme and Violet Crumble’s tasty new collaboration

In a very tasty representation of South Australia’s finest, Violet Crumble and Krispy Kreme have teamed up to create two new doughnuts.

The first creation, Violet Crumble Shatter, is a shell doughnut with a double layer of chocolate, topped with shards of the choc-honeycomb and filled with honeycomb creme. While the Violet Crumble Kreme features a honeycomb glazed doughnut topped with honeycomb creme and a large piece of Violet Crumble. Both flavours are available as singles or in a 4-pack.

The doughnuts will be stocked exclusively at OTR’s 150 South Australian stores, where the convenience chain has also launched a range of C-Coffee Violet Crumble hot drinks. Thirsty fans can try out their Violet Crumble Hot Chocolate and Violet Crumble Mocha Latte, or for a cooler option, a Moe’s Violet Crumble Shake. The chain is also stocking a snack-sized (30g) Violet Crumble for $1.

It’s another exciting step for the brand, who Robern Menz acquired from Nestle in 2018 and shifted production from Melbourne to SA, expanding its relationship with local businesses, such as OTR. Robern Menz Marketing Manager Polly Love said this was another great move for Violet Crumble.

“Violet Crumble has long been a fan favourite across the country used at home in creative and unique recipes, bringing that delicious signature Choc Honeycomb flavour to cakes, ice cream and biscuits, but these doughnuts take it to the next level for lucky South Australians. The only problem will be which one to choose,” Ms Love said.

Krispy Kreme SA General Manager Mark Higginbottom said their team had been working closely with Robern Menz over the last few months to develop the products, to capture the best of both brands.

“We’re always innovating and creating new products to give our customers new ways of experiencing and enjoying Krispy Kreme doughnuts,” he said.

“These new products are 100 percent South Australian with the Violet Crumbles manufactured at Robern Menz’s factory in Glynde and the doughnuts are made at our factory store at West Croydon.”

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