Krispy Kreme’s new flavour

Get ready, doughnut fiends: Kirspy Kreme Australia has teamed up with Snickers to drop two limited edition flavours.

Available in 7-Eleven and Krispy Kreme stores now, the Snickers Ring Doughnut and Snickers Inspired Filled Doughnuts are the treat many of us need to ward off the winter blues.

The ring doughnut features a peanut and nougat topped Original Glazed doughnut, dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with a Snickers fun size bar. While the filled doughnut is like a ‘snickers in doughnut form’, according to Krispy Kreme’s Food Technologist Tasha Kaur.

“From the gooey caramel, to the roasted peanuts, we worked together with Snickers to make a unique creation with the most well-loved flavours and ingredients from each iconic recipe. We’re incredibly excited to put it to the ultimate taste-test with our Aussie fans,” Ms Kaur said.

Pick one up for $3.60 each ($3.75 at Krispy Kreme stores), or as a double pack ($7) or four pack ($12).

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