Leaders Forum: Fiona McAllister, National Sales & Service Manager, Fujifilm

As part of the 2023 C&I Industry Leaders Forum, Fiona McAllister, National Sales & Service Maanger, Fujifilm, talks about the many opportunities for the convenience sector to engage with their customers all while driving real outcomes with a digital signage solution.

C&I: What have been the main highlights for Fujifilm over the past 12 months?

McAllister: TPG Store of the Future (STOF) – This is a total rethink for TPG and we have worked with them and their planning team to have more focus on an LED solution in-store. They have gone with one large 2.5m LED Screen and banners above their product bays driving customers in-store. These products have been custom made to suit but also provide TPG with a consistent look and feel to engage with their customers.

C&I: What will be the focus for Fujifilm for the remainder of 2023?

McAllister: We will have further focus on TPG’s STOF but we are really looking forward to working with new customers like Lowes Fuel to further enhance their customer experience in-store.

C&I: What do you enjoy most about the convenience channel?

McAllister: There are plenty of opportunities for the convenience sector to engage with their customers all while driving real outcomes with a digital signage solution. Think about what could be done with End Caps and shelf talkers with a custom solution that is like a silent salesperson.

C&I: What is one challenge you’d like to see addressed in the industry?

McAllister: The myth that digital signage is expensive. Think about the message that you are trying to get to your customer and how you can best deliver that. It has so much value! There is no easier way to do this than with a digital solution that can drive customers to the products you want them to purchase.

C&I: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

McAllister: Seeing the end result, not only from how it looks in-store, but seeing stores driving real outcomes and seeing an increase in sales as a result.

C&I: Is there anything else happening at Fujifilm that you’d like to highlight?

McAllister: There is always something going on at Fujifilm, but for our division it is the technology that is now available for any situation from printing photos, to capturing that eye catching image or displaying content that is engaging. There is so much content being produced these days, it would be great to see this not only used to drive engagement on social media, but in stores as well. It’s just nice to play a part across all these platforms and see the results.

This article originally appeared in the June/July issue of Convenience & Impulse Retailing magazine, which is available online here.

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