Leaders Forum: Skye Jackson, General Manager Merchandise, Ampol

As part of the 2023 C&I Industry Leaders Forum, Skye Jackson, General Manager Merchandise, Ampol, discusses the key priorities for the remainder of the year, along with what she loves most about the industry.

C&I: What have been the highlights for Ampol over the past 12 months?

Jackson: It has been a big year for Ampol – we announced record profit, completed the rebranding of 1,800 locations to Ampol, launched AmpCharge EV charging and raised more than $1m for the Ampol Foundation to name a few highlights!

C&I: What will be your main priorities for the remainder of 2023?

Jackson: My team is focused on driving growth from our store offer. We’ve launched some great new ranges such as our exclusive relationship in P&C for Doughnut Time, which our customers are loving! We have a few other exciting launches to come, but I can’t share too much on that!

C&I: What are the most important topics the industry should be discussing in 2023?

Jackson: Focusing on the future, what our forecourts will look like in 10+ years’ time, and what we are doing now to attract that future customer and set ourselves up for success.

C&I: What does your crystal ball tell you about the future of convenience in Australia?

Jackson: We are fortunate to be able to look to markets overseas to get insights on what the future of convenience will be, so no need for crystal balls! I’m excited to be attending the AACS International Study Tour, where we will visit progressed markets for EVs like Norway, where EV penetration is some of the highest in the world. These markets will showcase how retailers are responding to the changing needs of customers.

C&I: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Jackson: I love the variety of what we do – no two days are ever the same and I get the chance to get out in the field and see how our offers are coming to life for our customers in stores. I enjoy our channel; we are very connected and I enjoy the involvement I have on the AACS board to support our industry.

This article originally appeared in the June/July issue of Convenience & Impulse Retailing magazine, which is available online here.

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