Lindt opens $60m purpose built factory in Sydney’s west

L-R Premier Mike Baird, Ernst Tanner, Steve Loane (1)
Premier Mike Baird, Ernst Tanner, Steve Loane

Lindt & Sprüngli Australia (Lindt) has opened a new $60 million purpose built facility at Marsden Park in Sydney’s west as it expands its operations to capitalise on the chocolate maker’s strong growth in the Australian market.

Lindt’s Group CEO Ernst Tanner, who is visiting Australia for the milestone event, said that the company’s decision to enter the Australian market nearly 20 years ago has proven to be one of the most successful ventures in the company’s history.

“Never did we anticipate the reception that Lindt chocolates would receive in Australia when we first entered the market here. I am delighted that the growth of our business in Australia has allowed us to not only expand our operations but to provide people in Sydney’s West with employment opportunities with Lindt,” said Mr Tanner.

Spinning of Lindt's new chocolate egg
Spinning of Lindt’s new chocolate egg

The purpose-built facility covers a 66,000sqm site, with more than 25,000sqm of factory and warehouse space, and forms part of the investment in the Sydney Business Park which will host a range of retail and recreational businesses.

This month the Lindt factory began spinning a new range of Lindt Easter eggs which will be available to the public in Easter 2017 using chocolate imported from Switzerland.

“The fact that we are spinning a new product specifically for the Australian public is a reflection on the many successes we have had here. The team at Lindt Australia is eager to share the new Easter egg and we know that Australia will love it as much as we do,” said Mr Tanner.

The new range of Easter eggs will complement the iconic success of Lindt’s Gold Bunny.

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12 thoughts on “Lindt opens $60m purpose built factory in Sydney’s west”

  1. lucielle kelly

    Im so proud of all AUSSIES taking a stand for what they believe in, AUSTRALIANS will always stick together,just like we have stuck by u LINDT stand side by side & we can all be proud. Please put a factory in SOUTH AUST we desperately need work here. A avid supporters

  2. you need reliable cheap electricity to run a factory, sort that out first, industry will follow, leave it as is, and industry will leave. sorry to be political, but thats the way of the world, and we would like to live in coffin bay! but not in the dark!

  3. I recently bought six bars of Lindt’s chocolate. Dark chocolate variously flavoured in Coconut, Orange, Salted-Caramel, Crème-Brulee, Chilli and Hazelnut. Chocolate for mature adults. None of that sickly sweet palm-oil laden halal Cadbury’s KIDDY-CRAP.

    Western Sydney? I wonder how many muslims will be applying for a job there….??? HAHAHA

  4. Please no middle eastern workers, otherwise could have legal issues with e-coli given their toilet cleansing of personal parts 5 x daily.. a real concern on food products in an infidel society… can not risk it, lost me opening up out west in Muzzie country.

  5. This is a great success for both Lindt and the people of Western Sydney and flys in the face of Cadbury looking at laying people off. It also shows major party politicians how wrong they are trying to blame others for Cadburys problems when it is solely Cadbury.
    Keep up the good work Lindt I love your chocolates ???? ????

  6. Every single chocolate in our family, and extended family was Lindt this year. The best chocolate by far, HALAL certification FREE AND uses only certified palm oil. Thankyou Lindt ????????????????

  7. Thankyou Lindt Please keep away from Halal. Hopefully mor comlanies will realise they dont need this to succeed. This is our Australian chocolate now we jave claimed it.
    Bye bye Cadbury.

  8. Thank you Lindt love your chocolate’s and all your chocolate oh yes have had them all, and even better non halal great work,companies don’t need this tax to succeed here in Australia,you should notice at Easter all the sales because i only seen when i bought mine as everyone Lindt your sales are and should be up there,Cadbury is sinking and they have brought it on them self’s,keep up the awesome work and keep that beautiful smooth tasty chocolate coming the best by far…

  9. Yep I agree with all that’s been said as I automatically always since a child have purchased Cadbury for 65 years , no more of their products have passed my lips since they are now Halal chocolate , what a great way to KILL a business the powers to be must have their heads in the chocalate as they will have plenty due to fast dwindling sales.
    I have already noticed Cadbury products have been slashed in my local supermarket, but Lindt products are full markup no specials at all as the product is selling no need to, cheers Cadbury…..

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