Lion Dairy & Drinks shares five-year plan to promote healthier living

Lion Dairy & Drinks has launched phase two of its ‘Our Goodness Promise’ campaign, which will see the business remove one million kilograms of added sugar from its portfolio by 2025.

But this is just one of the targets that has been set as a part of Lion Dairy & Drinks’ promise to delivering “sustainable, enjoyable nutrition to help people live well”.

The first five years of Our Goodness Promise saw Lion Dairy & Drinks bring to market more nutritionally optimised products.

Phase two will go one step further, thinking beyond the products to also include how those products are communicated and promoted.

Lion’s dairy and juice portfolio will provide more single serve portion controlled products. And the company has committed to innovating healthier and to “make healthy choices easier by promoting living well and being authentic and transparent in everything we do”.

As part of Our Goodness Promise, Lion Dairy & Drinks has established targets in four major categories that have been defined as ‘Best & Good’ by the business’ 2020-2025 peer reviewed Goodness criteria.

By 2025, 85 per cent of the Dairy & Drinks total portfolio will be ‘Best & Good’ and over that time period, 90 per cent of innovation will also meet the ‘Best & Good’ criteria.

Dairy & Drinks will remove one million kilograms of sugar from its portfolio and will sell 100 million more no added sugar serves per year.

To better promote wellbeing, the business has allocated five per cent more advertising and promotional budgets against ‘Best & Good’ products each year.

Darryn Wallace, Commercial Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks, said: “In its first five years, Our Goodness Promise provided a strong foundation for the Dairy & Drinks business to be ranked the number one food and beverage manufacturer in Australia for our policies and commitments related to obesity prevention and nutrition from Deakin University.

“We are proud of the results achieved by Our Goodness Promise to date and we’re excited by what we believe can be achieved in the next five years. We will continue to strive to improve, through our products and our actions, setting even higher and more focused targets for delivering sustainable, enjoyable nutrition to help people live well.”

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