LISTERINE® has been defining oral care since 1914, with brand scientists driving foundational research on the many powerful benefits of mouthwash in fighting plaque, protecting gums, building strong teeth, and delivering long-lasting fresh breath. Now, LISTERINE® is excited to announce the launch of a new product GO! TABS™ in Australia and New Zealand.

LISTERINE® GO! TABS™ are a whole new way to clean on the go and are A GREAT solution for fresh breath when out and about. In fact, LISTERINE® GO! TABS™ work to combat ‘bad breath anxiety’ faced by so many Australians. Research commissioned by LISTERINE® GO! TABS™ found almost 8 in 10 Aussies believe they have bad breath to some degree and are equally anxious about it; so much so they’d rather be bitten by a spider or speak in public than be confronted about their bad breath.

Enter LISTERINE® GO! TABS™ as the perfect on-the-go solution for fresh breath, especially when brushing your teeth or rinsing with mouthwash isn’t an option.

Whether you’re on the train to work, after a coffee, traveling, these chewable tablets transform from solid to liquid in seconds and leave you feeling with a whole mouth clean feel & fresh breath for up to 3 hours Just chew to activate, swish to clean, swallow and go!

For best results:

  1. CHEW

For 10 seconds to activate the tablet and transform it from a solid to a liquid.

  1. SWISH

Once dissolved, swish around your mouth like regular mouthwash for 30 seconds to get a whole-mouth clean feeling and freshness.


The small amount of liquid generated by the tablet and GO. That’s it!

  • Just 30 seconds of swishing allows GO! TABS™ to reach the entire mouth and kill millions of the bacteria that cause bad breath
  • Advanced technology in GO! TABS™ binds to bad-breath VSCs and changes their molecular structure, neutralising odours
  • Swallowing the liquid allows GO! TABS™ to reach the back of the tongue – something not even a toothbrush can do!

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