Live fuel prices save SA motorists $20 million a year at the bowser

Access to live fuel prices is helping South Australian motorists save $20.5 million a year by shopping around.

The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia’s (RAA) latest fuel report shows that the number of drivers spending more than $100 a month on fuel has doubled in the last two years, with 74 per cent of motorists now spending over $100 a month.

Andrea Michaels MP, Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs, said live fuel prices had been a game changer for motorists.

“Each year, South Australians are saving more than $20 million at the bowser thanks to live fuel pricing.

“With cost-of-living pressures continuing to bite, the ability to shop around and buy petrol when it is cheaper is helping South Australians to save money and offset the rising price of fuel.”

Mark Borlace, RAA Fuel Expert, it’s encouraging to see more people are shopping around before filling up – it shows a positive change in consumer behaviour.

“As they say, information is power – and we want to empower motorists so they can save money at the bowser. We know the rising cost-of-living is affecting all South Australians – and that includes the rising cost of fuel since our last fuel survey in 2021.”

Borlace explained that RAA’s fuel price comparison is helping motorists save $315 on average each year at the bowser.

“The state government has done a fantastic job implement and policing the real time fuel pricing scheme which has been a huge win for motorists.”

An average of 65,000 motorists use the RAA app each month to shop around for fuel, translating to an overall annual saving of approximately $20,514,000 from the RAA app alone.

Since the scheme’s introduction, Consumer and Business Services has inspected more than 2800 fuel retailers to ensure compliance and investigated 1921 complaints. They’ve resulted in 356 warnings and 58 expiations, totalling more than $31,900 in fines and levies.

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