Lo Bros launches nostalgic new flavour

Lo Bros has announced the launch of its new, nostalgia-inspired, limited-edition Purple Grape flavoured kombucha.

The much-loved flavour can now be enjoyed with a modern, healthier twist through a natural organic fusion infusion that enhances delicious purple grape flavours with fizz, creating a fruit kombucha drink that also helps support gut health.

Didi Lo, Founder of Lo Bros, said they knew they had to introduce a flavour that is unforgettable.

“Everyone grew up loving purple grape flavour – it’s fruity and fun – and now it can be enjoyed in a delicious and nutritious way through kombucha.”

Lo Bros Kombucha is enriched with gut-friendly probiotics and offers and organic, low-sugar beverage option which doesn’t compromise on taste.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Lo Bros has partnered with Plastic Collective, a global leader in creating circular economies for plastic.

They worked with the Plastic Collective to audit Lo Bros’ annual plastic footprint globally, then phased out all avoidable plastic use and offset all remaining unavoidable plastic use through Plastic Collective credit programs to become a Net Zero Plastic brand.

Los Bros Purple Grape Kombucha is now available in select independent grocery stores and Coles’ Australia wide in both bottles and cans.

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