Long lasting surface protection keeps staff and customers safe.

How many hands have been here before yours?

Think about it. What if you could pick up a fuel pump, push a trolley or pull open a door knowing that not only has the surface you’re wrapping your hand around just had a thorough clean, it’s also going to destroy 99.9% of any lingering bacteria that might already be on your skin?

Safe+Touch Anti-Pathogenic Tape does exactly that.

This scientific marvel prevents high touch surfaces from being transmission points for viruses and bacteria by continually destroying 99.9% of bacteria. That’s right – it keeps on nuking bugs while you’re using the protected surface!

The patented technology was developed by a Korean company that provides comprehensive infection control solutions to hospitals, medical labs and other primary care facilities around the world. Safe+Touch uses a non-toxic, naturally antimicrobial material in a unique structure that gives it a semi-permanent lifespan. Its radical design kills germs on contact then refreshes to its original state under exposure to natural or artificial light. When properly maintained Safe+Touch has a long lifespan, significantly reducing the need for frequent cleaning of high-touch items. It can be easily applied to almost any surface, is highly durable and has excellent persistency.

Safe+Touch has been installed in very high traffic areas as diverse as airports (self-serve kiosks and touchscreens) and casinos (gaming machines) and will be just as effective on your cash registers, basket handles, fridge doors, tabletops or chair arms (actually, did you know that the underside of chair arms is frequently missed during regular cleaning? Yuck).

Available in transparent or non-transparent sheets and rolls, Safe+Touch can be cut to size with scissors. Custom design and corporate branding is possible for large quantities.

To find out more about how SafeTouch can help protect your workplace, please call Valois SciPharm on +61 (0) 405 517 115 or send your queries to enquiries@vcmedia.net.au.

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