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Magnum launches new Destinations range of flavours

As dreams of international travel edge blissfully closer to becoming a reality, Magnum has unveiled a new range of flavours, inspired by popular travel destinations around the world.

The Magnum Destinations range includes four flavours, which showcase the unique tastes from the tropics of Tahiti, the glitz of Las Vegas, the historic city of Amsterdam, and the bright lights of New York City.

Each flavour combines creamy, decadent ice cream with lavish swirls of sweet sauce and are encased in cracking chocolate.

Magnum Destinations Amsterdam Chocolate & Cookie Butter is a vanilla custard flavoured ice cream with cookie butter swirl covered in crackling milk chocolate and biscuit pieces.

Magnum Destinations Tahiti Passionfruit White Chocolate is a vanilla custard flavoured ice cream with an elegant passionfruit swirl covered in thick white chocolate with a hint of coconut.

Magnum Destinations New York Chocolate Cheesecake is creamy, velvety cheesecake flavoured ice cream with a chocolate swirl, topped with cracking milk chocolate and cookie pieces.

Magnum Destinations Las Vegas Caramelised Chocolate & Cookie is a white chocolate ice cream swirled in caramel and cased in caramelised chocolate speckled with vanilla biscuit pieces.

Amsterdam, Tahiti, and New York multipacks are now available at select retailers, including Coles and Metcash for RRP $9.50.

Magnum Destinations Las Vegas is available individually in convenience stores and petrol stations nationwide for RRP $4.80.

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  1. I love Passionfruit white chocolate Magum new ONE BUT ITS TO SMALL FOR WHAT YOU BYE FOR WISH IT WAS BEGER BUT STILL LOVE THE FLAVOUR thank-you

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