Majors Group professional refrigeration

Majors Group Australasia have been importing and maintaining refrigeration equipment throughout Australia for over 24 years.

ISA, one of the exclusive brands in the stable, are the world leader in the shop furnishing, retail, supermarket and professional refrigeration.

Offering a wide range of Italian made innovative, high-quality products, ISA units are specially designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of supermarkets and convenience stores.

ISA products are high performance with cutting-edge technology, set apart by a unique design and functionality, specified for the Australian market.

ISA in collaboration with Majors Group, have introduced the Infinity Smartflex, specifically for convenience and supermarket retailers.

The range uses exclusive patented technology to enhance product visibility and significantly lower power consumption.

The revolutionary system of self-opening doors that open on demand, detecting when a customer moves towards the unit.

Up to 45% less energy use is the result of the patented door mechanism, compared to an open faced “air curtain” system.

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